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Music Downloader

Have you ever wanted to download songs from Instagram videos? Do this easily with instadler!

Reel Downloader

The instadler is in your area to easily download instagram reels in the highest quality!

Video Downloader

Videos are a big part of Instagram, don't miss them and simply download them by instadler!

Photo Downloader

There are so many Instagram photos that you may love, leave it on instadler to download!

Story Downloader

Download and save your friends' Instagram stories with instadler in the best quality!

Highlite Downloader

Download Instagram highlights that you like quickly!

IGTV Downloader

igtvs are another type of videos on Instagram that are very popular and you can easily download them with the help of the instadler!

Carousel/Album Media Downloader

Download carousel or album media from Instagram with just one click in instadler!

Profile Downloader

Downloading profile pictures of users on Instagram is always amazing for us, try it now in instadler!

Frequently asked questions...

Is instadler free?

"Yes, of course❤️"

Can I download everything from Instagram with instadler?

"Yes, you can download video, photo, reel, story, highlite,profile picture, igtv etc from Instagram at the highest quality by using instadler❤️"

Do I have download limitation?

"No, there is no restriction on using instadler❤️"

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